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Our Curriculum

At Progress Schools we understand that the same model doesn’t suit all and we take the time to get to know each of our students and tailor lessons and qualifications to student interests, aspirations and progression goals.

We aim to create a flexible curriculum that inspires and motivates students whilst equipping them with a variety of skills and knowledge that they can take with them and apply to everyday situations.

Taking a bespoke approach

At Progress Schools we create packages to inspire and excite our students! We provide them with the learning they need by supporting their potential to achieve. Packages are tailored to suit each student individually. Our aim is to support them in discovering what they enjoy, what they are good at, and who they want to be in life.

Students are encouraged to choose a pathway matched to their interests and abilities. Each having a different balance of theoretical and practical learning. Find out more about our bespoke approach here.

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Progress Schools Stockport
Address: 211  Belgrave House, Stockport SK3 0AN

Telephone: 0161 519 4819

Head Teacher: Elaine Delahunt
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