Pastoral support

Progress Schools are passionate about creating a nurturing and supportive environment for students and staff alike.

Progress Schools consist of small classroom sizes and enough staff to enable students to get the extra attention they may require. Support staff are also on hand to provide students with 1:1 time to enable them to fully engage with their education and meet their full potential. Progress Schools also conduct a STAR assessment to mark a starting point for each student’s journey in 8 different areas including relationships and health and wellbeing.

Progress Schools are linked with many external agencies to enable us to signpost our students to a number of support services. Any additional support is embedded into the curriculum so forms part of the students journey.

As part of Progress School’s pastoral support, parents and carers can contact individual staff allowing them to air concerns directly with their child’s teacher or the Head Teacher or just to keep staff updated on home developments that may impact on their child’s education.