Our vision

Progress Schools Limited is a nationally based organisation with independent secondary schools based across England. Progress Schools provides high level, supportive and inspirational teaching at Key Stages 3 and 4 to ensure positive progression and readiness for the world of Further Education, Work Based Learning or Employment.

Progress Schools uses a range of innovative teaching methods in GSCE English, maths and vocational subjects, through industry expert teachers to ensure achievement for students who require a different approach to mainstream education. We support and develop young people who require appropriate support and challenge to meet their academic, emotional, behavioural and/or social needs.

Our students will be well prepared for the modern world with a positive approach to learning and confident as they enter their future careers, both willing and able to contribute to and strengthen their communities and achieve success in their chosen paths.

Progress Schools will;

  • Provide a safe and Innovative learning environment with high quality teaching , learning and resources
  • Prepare young people for success in later life
  • Protect and increase opportunity for all students
  • Successfully engage with parents and carers to support student progress, well-being and achievement
  • Provide students with the opportunity to contribute directly to their local community